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Hi I'm Elaine, I turned 50 years old in 2016 (it's the best age to be!) and that 12 months were life-changing, which has made me rethink life and my future.  I'm Mum to two grown up children, Chrissie and Benny.  I have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law as well as a grandson and granddaughter, and the hope of lots more to come.  I love God, life, learning, walking, reading, people, food, socialising but also being on my own, and  I love words!  Writing and reading them! 


I have always been a great listener and am interested in people living happily.  Well after all, we only get one go at this life so we need to love every minute of it, whatever the circumstance.  I'm an eternal optimist so this blog will have all things positive in it.  Why don't you come along for the ride...

'Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud'

Angelou Maya

The working years...

Early Years Working

Becoming a Mum in 1993 was one of the best things I've done with my life so far and was merely enriched when my second child was born 2 years later.  Not having been massively maternal before having my own children, I was blown away at how much pleasure and joy being a Mum brought me... along with some occasional headaches too. Wanting the best for my children led to me getting involved in parent and toddler groups locally and then a pre-school attended by my daughter. I became a parent helper then a paid assistant.  I'd found my calling, or so I thought...

Community Development Work

After 4 years in pre-school I took a job carrying out research into informal carers and where they hung out...parent and toddler groups. Yeh. This led to being a Parent and Toddler Development Worker (yes that was a real job!) and eventually working within a Sure Start Local Programme as a Childcare Team Leader then Programme Manager.  Sure Start, was some of my happiest working days, with an amazing team of people, and the privilege of being invited into the lives of the community we served.  I was in work heaven...


Sadly the Sure Start days ended in redundancy but a new adventure ensued when I became a college Lecturer. The next 10 and a half years were unbelievably hard work.  Full of fun, laughter, tears, amazing colleagues, fantastic students, fabulous friendships, pride, and life lessons, both good and not so good.  But now for a new chapter... 

So what now...

Equip and Build

I've wanted to write a blog for years but never had the time but now I want to make time.  All my jobs have given me fantastic interactions with amazing people and a desire to help them to be empowered to be everything they are purposed to be.  The Equip and Build Blog will include posts with positive outlooks on a range of topics aimed particularly at people who have experienced mental health problems or have supported individuals who have. Please feel free to interact with me by leaving comments or subscribing to receive updates. 

Following My Dreams

People you are fantastic.  You were created to be fantastic.  You weren't created to settle for second best, in who you are, what you're capable of and who you've yet to become so please don't. 


In 2017, I started my own business,

'Equip and Build Training and Consultancy', 

and I now write training packages that will help you to be all that you're meant to be. This includes knowing, that you're strong, capable, confident and an unstoppable force, with value and worth.  You're, you for a reason...you're the best one at being you! I'd love for you to help me to help you.  What do you or have you struggled with in your life?  I'm not saying I have all the answers, who has?  We could grow and learn together though...

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